Bridge the Gap Challenge Gift

In a year of challenges - COVID variants, Jackson Street Bridge closure and inflation - your Co-op has a positive challenge to end the year. A generous Oshkosh Food Co-op supporter has offered a $100,000 challenge gift!

That means every dollar member-owners contribute before year-end will be matched - dollar for dollar - up to $100,000. Your contribution to this challenge will provide crucial support for the Co-op at a critical time, helping close the financial gap created by the Jackson Street Bridge closure and enter 2023 with momentum.

Meeting this challenge will help the Co-op continue building on the successes of the last year - strengthening the local economy, promoting health and building community. We've made so much happen together already! Can you help keep that momentum going?

As a member-owner, you helped make this happen...

Oshkosh Food Co-op Locally Grown Pumpkins

Putting $232,000 into the local food economy, sourcing from 72 local suppliers in 12 months.

And, this...

Oshkosh Food Co-op Groceries

Bringing grocery dollars into the community

1:7 shoppers are from outside Oshkosh

And, this...

Oshkosh Food Co-op Round Up at the Register

$14,388 raised through Round Up at the Register

Providing 10-20% discounts to 55 individuals and families with limited income enrolled in the Co-op's Food for All program.

And, this...

Oshkosh Food Co-op Family Dinner Night Thank You Note

Helping 10 families learn to cook a healthy meal on a budget in less than 30 minutes

And, this...

Sweet Jules Bakes on Church

Helping a supplier on the path to opening a brick-and-mortar store of her own.

"Working with the Oshkosh Food Co-op has given me a steady presence in the community - which I otherwise couldn't have had while working out of a shared kitchen in Appleton. I can't tell you how many people have come up to me at markets to tell me they've had Sweet Jules stuff from the Co-op."

- Julie, Sweet Jules Bakes, opening at Church Ave., in January 2023

And, this...

Oshkosh Food Co-op Patio Jams

Bringing together hundreds of people to support local musicians, local suppliers and other talent

through Patio Jam, Harvest Fest, 1st Birthday Bash and more...

To continue accomplishing goals like these...

Can you help match this $100,000 challenge gift?

There are two ways to meet this match.

Direct to the Oshkosh Food Co-op

Direct to the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation - Oshkosh Food Co-op Fund.

Make your gift on or before December 31, 2022, to ensure it qualifies for matching dollars.  

Thank you, in advance!

Your Oshkosh Food Co-op Board of Directors

Brenda Haines, President
Jess King, Vice President
Heather Seraphine, Secretary
Michael Hansen, Treasurer
Chris Corbin, Director
Belynda Pinkston, Director
Jay Stoflet, Director
Susan Tatum, Director
Susy Vette, Director

*The above is not intended as financial advice. If you have questions, talk with your financial advisor.