The Co-op process

Organizing a community driven project is rarely a quick process.  To ensure the Co-op is a success, the Oshkosh Food Cooperative is following the Food Coop Initiative's 3 phase model.  A general outline of this process is found below.

Stage 1: Organizing
Emerging Co-op: Brings about the organization

  • One or more people start with an idea
  • Recognition of a common problem or need that a food co-op could meet
  • Includes
    • Convening a core group
    • Assessing common interest and needs
    • Designating leadership
    • Building a shared vision
    • Committing time and money
  • Brings about the organization

Stage 2: Feasibility & Planning
Emerging Co-op: Brings about the business plan

  • An organized group with commitment, interest and capacity
  • Assesses market potential and internal readiness
  • Includes
    • Feasibility – deeper assessments of financial, market and organizational capacity
    • Planning – a business plan for financing and operations
  • Builds commitment and capacity (both leadership and management)
  • Brings about a secured site for the operation

Stage 3: Implementation
Emerging Co-op: Brings about the open store and satisfaction of owner/member needs

  • Demonstrated capacity in all the cornerstones
  • Includes
    • Pre-construction
    • Construction & Renovation
    • Preparation for Opening
    • Sustaining – First Year and Beyond
  • Brings about the satisfaction of member needs
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