Co-op Offers Options to Shop Local and Invest Local

The buzz of our member-owned grocery store continues!  Chances are you've been hearing about our upcoming Capital Campaign.  Part of this will involve member loans, an exclusive offering available to Oshkosh Food Co-op members only.  

Member loans allow Co-op members to earn interest on this investment in your own community while providing the Co-op with funding that is typically less costly and more flexible than traditional bank financing. This can allow Co-ops to launch faster. Sounds nice, right?

Member loans are a primary way that Co-ops raise capital, while keeping control with our members. For Co-ops, raising funds among members builds loyalty among owners that will eventually make the Co-op-run grocery store more sustainable.  It also gives members the opportunity to put their dollars into something they value and trust.  And that feels good.

Member loans very literally move money from Wall Street to Main Street, where it can make tangible things happen within your own community. This is an opportunity to invest in an organization whose values you fully understand and actually have a say in.

Member loan details will soon be available to members. If you would like to have specific information as soon as it becomes available, please email [email protected].


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