Help us bring a member-owned grocery store to Central Oshkosh.

Do you want access to healthier food?  Do you wish there were more places to purchase locally grown products? Do you want everyone in Oshkosh to have access to fresher, more affordable options?

So do we.  That's why we're working hard to open a member-owned grocery store in Central Oshkosh.

Oshkosh Food Co-op View from Jackson and Pearl


A co-op is a cooperative, member-owned business.  A food co-op offers many products like any other grocery store, and is owned by the people who purchase member shares. Both members and non-members can shop at the Co-op. Because the Co-op is owned by the people who share your interests and values, the Co-op can source food locally and emphasize natural and organic food.  


When you join a food Co-op, you are investing in a community-owned grocery store.  You'll know that you are keeping your food dollars in the community. And, members may also earn a dividend, based on the financial performance of the co-op.  Additional benefits may include case and bulk discounts, workshop/event discounts and a complimentary subscription to our Co-op publications.

Become a Member-Owner