About the Oshkosh Food Co-op

The Oshkosh Food Co-op is a member-owned, full-service grocery store in the heart of Oshkosh. The Oshkosh Food Co-op is located in the Brio Building, on the first level, at the corner of Jackson Street and Pearl Avenue.

We are Northeast Wisconsin's First Food Co-op

Oshkosh Food Co-op is a member-owned, full-service grocery store in Oshkosh’s central city. Our mission is to provide a thriving, member-owned, full-service grocery store in the heart of the city.

What kinds of products can you find at the Co-op?

Oshkosh Food Co-op offers organic goods and affordable staples, with an emphasis on locally grown and produced products. Among the products you will find on the shelves:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Meat and Fish
  • Wisconsin's Best Dairy
  • Grab 'n Go Deli Items
  • Beer and Wine
  • Household Goods
  • Health & Wellness Items
  • And, More!

Our Mission, Vision, Ends, and Belonging

The Oshkosh Food Co-op exists to strengthen the local economy, promote health and build community. 

To enact this vision, the mission of the Oshkosh Food Co-op is to provide a thriving, member-owned, full-service grocery store in the heart of the city. 

To these ends, we operate with the following values:

  • Create demand for and investment in a thriving and sustainable local food economy within 100 miles of Oshkosh.
  • Improve neighborhood and community health within the USDA defined “food desert” in the city of Oshkosh.
  • Build a co-op community that is diverse, welcoming and equitable to promote overall well-being within the greater Oshkosh community.


Community: We are rooted in our community; owned by our community; and we reinvest in our community.
Sustainability: We consider the impact of our decisions on today and tomorrow.
Accountability: We are accountable to each other, our producers, and our cooperative community.
Courage: We commit to creating, producing, and living boldly.

Belonging Statement

The Oshkosh Food Co-op aspires to be a place where all people feel a sense of belonging – honoring each person’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, ability, economic status, and lived experience. Therefore, the Oshkosh Food Co-op commits to initiate and support actions that are anti-racist, justice-oriented, and developed through co-creation.

Learn more about Oshkosh Food Co-op Food Justice efforts here.

Oshkosh Food Co-op Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation

Oshkosh Food Co-op Bylaws

What is a food co-op?

A co-op is a cooperative, member-owned business.  A food co-op offers many products like any other grocery store, and is owned by the people who purchase member shares.

 Both members and non-members can shop at the Co-op. Because the Co-op is owned by the people who share your interests and values, the Co-op can source food locally and emphasize natural and organic food. 

7 Cooperative Principles

Like all cooperatives, the Oshkosh Food Co-op will operate using seven internationally recognized principles to guide them. These are:

By adhering to these principles, we stay connected to our member-owners, to our community, and to the global cooperative movement.

What's the difference between a grocery store and a food co-op?

A cooperative is a community, member-owned and member-controlled business with the goal of meeting the members' needs that (in this case, great local food and a healthy community).

Unlike a corporation, a co-op’s purpose isn’t to accumulate profits, but rather to meet the goals of its customers. Co-ops keep profits in the community. Profits are shared by the co-op and the members through store improvements, dividends, and community investment 

Food Co-op v. Grocery Store: What's the Difference? 

What's to love about Food Co-ops?