Dry January 2024

Dry January at Oshkosh Food Co-op

DRY JANUARY CHALLENGE: Ready to swap full-strength alcohol for non-alcoholic alternatives for the entire month of January? One key to #DryJanuary success: Knowing what you'll reach for in situations where you'd normally consume alcohol.

Here are some alternatives:

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Non-Alcoholic - Available in 12-packs of 12 fl. oz. cans
  • Coors Edge Non-Alcoholic - Available in 12-packs of 12 fl. oz. cans
  • Giesen 0% Wines - The New Zealand winemaker starts with its regular wines and uses spinning cone technology to gently remove the aroma, then the alcohol, then recombine the aroma with the wine to maintain its distinctive nose. The Premium Red offers delicate aromas of crushed blackberry and wild herbs, with flavors of crushed red berries and plum offset by toasted oak on the palate. The Sauvignon Blanc's delicate aromas of fresh lime, redcurrant, and lemon shortbread are matched by delicious citrus followed by distinct blackcurrant and passionfruit flavors. In the Riesling, you'll experience notes of zingy lime, ripe mandarin and delicious sweetness, all balanced by a refreshing crisp finish. Each contains no more than 0.5% alc/vol. (Source: giesenwines.com)
  • Mionetto Alcohol-removed Prosecco is an Italian Sparkling Wine, made using traditional wine-making methods using 20% Glera and a blend of other indigenous Italian grapes. The alcohol is then extracted, leaving no more than 0.5% alc/vol. (Source: https://www.freixenetmionettousa.com/.../mionetto.../)
  • Waterbrook Clean Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay - The Cabernet Sauvignon features notes of black plum and dark cherry with bold oaky tannins, a dash of cocoa powder and black pepper while the Dealcoholized Chardonnay offers notes of Golden Delicious apple and local honey, finishing with hints of oak and vanilla. Both contain less than 0.5% alc/vol. (Source: https://waterbrook.orderport.net/wines/Waterbrook-Clean)
  • SANSJunipre is a botanical spirit, made locally, by Great Lakes Distillery, Milwaukee, with juniper, basil, ginseng, orange zest, chili pepper, cardamom, coriander and more. Use as a substitute for spirits in mixed drinks. Contains less than 0.5% alc/vol.

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January 01, 2024 at 12:01am - January 02, 2024
Oshkosh Food Co-op
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