Thank you for your interest in joining this exciting project and helping keep food dollars in our community.

By purchasing a membership share, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Bylaws

By becoming a member, you receive the right to vote on official co-op matters, attend our annual meeting, and receive the latest progress on our store. You may name one other person in your household to the account. 

There are several options to becoming a member. Online payments are done through paypal, and you will receive an email once your payment has gone through. 


1. You can purchase a non-refundable one-time membership in the co-op for $180. 


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2. You can also become a monthly payment member by making 18 - $11 payments for a total of $198.


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3. Already a member?  Gift a membership to a friend, colleague, or family member:


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4. If you wish to pay offline or would like to share the brochure with a friend:

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