August 19, 2015 Agenda

Oshkosh Food Co-op Board Meeting Date: 8-19-15 Time: 7:30-10:00 PM
Location: Blue Door Consulting 21 W New York Ave Oshkosh WI

Member Comment Period [3 minutes per comment]
Approve minutes of previous meeting
Treasurers Report

New members since last board meeting: (5) Jason/Tina Yolo; Judith OShaughnessy/Jack Schultz; Angie Lee/Jeremiah Bohr; Carole and Phil Schwartz; & Steve Schukow
CALL with Jacqueline Hannah from Food Co-op Initiative (7:45 – 8:30); times approximate. This call will take priority for time in our meeting this week; agenda items or conversations may be truncated or moved to the next meeting to accommodate the guest call.

Standing Business

Committee check in: a brief update/report (note new categories)


  1. Membership (member events, house parties, etc)

  2. Michelle Schry Follow up
  3. Co-opalooza
  4. House Parties

  5. Confirmed
  6. Pending
  7. Update on those held




  1. Education and Outreach events

  2. In progress
  3. Future events
  4. Update from past events
  5. Others we should be meeting with?


  1. Summer Market


  1. Grants

  2. Seed Grant – Planning call follow up


  1. Video Update

  1. New Business

Other Business

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