August Letter from the President

Happy End of August – Almost September to you and yours!


The gardens may be winding down with some of the cooler weather, but the Co-op is continuing to grow! Currently, we have 220 Member-Owners and *85* of those members have joined since June. That is a wonderful level of growth and one we’d like to continue to expand with your help!


How can you help?


Buy a yard sign! These are hot off the press! If you are a member of the Co-op, you can purchase one of these signs for $10. You can send a check (OFC, PO Box 722, Oshkosh WI, 54903-0722) – please make a note in the memo section that this payment is for a yard sign! Or you can email us at [email protected] to set up a time for delivery and payment. We also have a signup sheet at our table at the Oshkosh Farmers Market and will be there September 12th! You can sign up, pay, and we will deliver your sign for free!

If you host a house party, anyone who signs up at the house party gets a free yard sign! (While supplies last)



Bring an interested friend to Co-opalooza on Saturday, October 3rd. We will be having special give-aways and events for those who become Member-owners that night! Co-opalooza will be happening at the Algoma Club with some events out by the Square in downtown Oshkosh – we will start at 5PM with some family friendly events and music and the night will continue until about 11PM. It’s also Gallery Walk that night, so you can invite folks you know who will be out and about to stop by and learn more about our progress!


Ask your workplace to host an information session. We’ve been doing sessions over the lunch hour (lunch and learn), after work, or as part of evening events. You can put us in touch with the right person and we can set up the rest! Email us at [email protected] for more information.

Ask people you know if they’ve heard about the Co-op. Yep, it’s that easy. If they have, GREAT – brainstorm together who else you should talking to about it! If not, tell them why you joined and why you care about it. Point them to our website. And don’t worry about not having all the answers to their questions – we are happy to answer questions. Email us and one of our board members will respond!

Our house parties continue to be successful – why? Because your relationship matters. When people know you’ve joined this project because you believe in it, they are more likely to put their support behind it as well. We hope you will consider hosting one! You know the drill – email us for more info!

On a final note, we recently had a phone conference with Jaqueline Hannah of the Food Cooperative Initiative, a nationally based organization that specializes in supporting Co-op start-ups. We were heartened by the conversation because many of the things she stated let us know we were on track and planning well for next steps in our growth. This Co-op is feasible, is being well-planned, and we have a vision – to be affirmed in that was an excellent feeling! Spread the word, invite those you know to join, and be a proud Member-Owner!

In touch,

Kelly Matthews

OFC President

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