Oct/Nov Letter from the President

Happy End-of-October/Beginning of November!

Exciting news – we are closing in on Nifty 250 for membership!  And right now we have a give-away in place. Consider it a late sort of Trick or Treat, but really just Treats!  If you become a member between now and when we hit that 250th member, you can choose an item from our treasure store. So tell your friends – if they have been waiting for another reason why, we have goodies to give!

Co-opalooza brought us 15 members and several hundred folks got to hear about our project!  Big thanks to the bands (The Dead Horses, Steez, and Kurt Stein’s School of Music) and the venue (Algoma Club/Manila) – it was a super fun event!  What ideas do you have for us to consider for our next member events?  We’re all ears!  Email us at [email protected] and let us know!
Are you are Member-owner who also has a brick and mortar store?  Would you want a beautiful yard sign to display at your business to help spread the word and raise awareness about the Co-op?  If so, email us at [email protected] and let us know who you are, your business name, and where we can deliver it!
As we close out 2015, we are in the throes of planning our annual retreat.  This is a time that we set aside to check in with the larger work plan we have set to ensure we are planning not just for the now, but also for the next big steps along the way. Last year’s retreat plan resulted in planning our Co-op Grow-Op and Co-opalooza. We are very excited to have Jacqueline Hannah, Food Co-op Development Specialist with the Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) joining us for our retreat day.  We will be focusing on building membership, engaging our membership (we know you want to be involved in the project in different ways!), and doing another timeline for the next 1-2 years.

Did you know that you can give the gift of the Co-op to another person this holiday season? It’s true – what a great gift to invest in the community as well as wow your recipient with such a thoughtful gesture! You can set it up on our website – purchase a membership and enter your recipient’s name and information. If you want it to be a surprise or have us email you the membership certificate so you can gift-wrap it and put a bow on top, email us before you purchase the membership, so we know it will be a gift/surprise and we can be in touch about the specifics! Shhhhh, we love surprises!

I am so very pleased with the progress we’ve been making – it’s been so fun to watch our member-owner number grow and GROW. Thank you for talking to your friends, neighbors, families, and others to help us reach this milestone we are closing in on – Nifty 250, we are almost there!  
In touch,

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